Breaking down your barriers!

One thing I’ve always been curious about when reading the bible is how God communicates through dreams. Joseph was told all about Jesus and how Mary was pregnant from the holy spirit (Matthew 1:20)… in a dream! Jacob hears God’s voice of promise (Genises 28:10-22) that he will bring him safely home… in a dream! I don’t know about everyone else, but It’s hard enough for me to remember my dreams most of the time… let alone be spoken to through them! How would you know your dream really meant something, and it wasn’t just the result of too much cheese late at night? What if the dream doesn’t make any sense to you like the Pharaoh’s in Genises 41:14-24? The truth is… we won’t always know, but all we can do is seek God in everything we do and everything that happens. You never know what you might find…

Two nights ago, I had a dream… quite different to one I’ve ever had before. For one, I was playing basketball. Now, before you laugh I’ll have you know I used to be on the girls basketball team at school! My skills now however… are limited. Secondly, I was on an entire team of men, who all must have been around 7 feet! So there I am, all 5″5 of me, out on a basketball court with a bunch of sweaty, smelly men. I have all the right intentions, in this dream. I work hard to get the ball to the net, I dodge past other players, dribble the ball left right and centre, and I finally get to the point where iI can shoot! Great! The hard bits over right? Wrong, because every time I go to shoot, the ball hits this invisible barrier about 2 feet above me. No matter how hard a throw the ball, it just rebounds back down. I keep trying and trying until I’m exhausted, and the rest of my team are not impressed! Now, you might say this sounds like any other random dream, but it really spoke to me…

In christian life, so many of us are so eager to glorify God. He is our father, we want to know he is pleased with us and we want to be as on fire for him as we see others being. People who set up charities, people who travel the world spreading his word, people who stand in front of thousands and preach. We are so eager to take that ball and slam dunk it into the net! But in reality… it’s not always about wanting to make that shot, it’s about setting it up in the right way. Kind of like in any sport… you don’t take a shot in football if you’re offside or you’ve got obstructions right in front of you. The same goes in life; how are you supposed to push forward and live for God is you’ve got obstructions and barriers in your life, how is the ball going to go in the net when you’ve built yourself this barrier… one that you can’t get through. You can keep trying yes, but as my dream shows; it gets exhausting. The trick is to break down these barriers! Clear out the things in life that stop us from reaching our goals, that rebound on us. It could be the people we surround ourselves with, the activities we do in our spare time (or lack of), it could even be your own doubts and insecurities… things you need to pray and learn more about before you move forward. Anger can hold us back. Bitterness can create boundaries. Fear can drive us to creating a shield so thick that not only can things not get in, but we can’t get out! The first step to living for God, to getting the ball in that net, is to allow him to free us. Because once those barriers are gone, the sky’s the limit!

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