Expressions in Africa?!

This summer I went to Zambia for two weeks. The original plan was to help Lifespring Foundation on their mission of preventing and healing with HIV/AIDS.

These weeks totally transformed my life and I had an african pastor speak a prophesy over me.

‘You have not come to Africa for the reasons you think. God will continue to open doors for you’

So this made me wonder…was Expressions somehow connected?!

Most days in Africa, we visited the lifespring school, which has AMAZING kids!. I wanted them all to take home with me! 🙂

During the last few days, I decided to teach the pre-school about Noah’s ark. After telling the story, I gave out loads of different material, card, glue, glitter etc… Arts and crafts and told them to create a picture of Noah’s ark.

The kids were stunned and didn’t know what to do.

I was so confused, I thought if this was at home, kids automatically knew how to react to arts and crafts…and then it hit me! The kids in Africa NEED this opportunity. To relate to God creatively, to express worship to God in DIFFERENT ways!…..

So the next step, take a team to Zambia in the next couple of years to bring this opportunity to them…

Expressions in Africa? What do you think?



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