Expressions: ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’- Review

On the 30th July 2010 ‘Farmer Javins’ (That’s me!) took everyone on a journey through the greatest story ever told! Travelling on a beautiful stoney path painted by our very own expressions youth, we passed the parable of the lost sheep; a display of clay sheep and painted statues created on our art day, before expiriencing the parable of the lost son as dramatised by the expressions gang. The wonderfully energetic and creative piece gave the story a modern and somehow personal twist, and the fun continued with a dance inspired by the parable of Jonah and the whale that featured great contemporary coreography and funky music editing! As Farmer Javins continued she scattered seeds on the ground before finding out what happens to different seeds through our ‘Choking’ video. Here, our exppressions youth bravely and beautifully talked of what chokes their faith as young people, and how they want to change it for the future! Next up was another dance inspired by the good samaritan! With clever lifts and good story telling it seemlessly flowed into two mime and music pieces about The Woman with Alabastor Oil and David dancing, showing just how busy and EXPRESSIONATE everyone involved had been over the weak!

The presentation came to an end with a video from the week, showing the love, creativity and fun shared by all as well as a touching testimony of what Expressions is all about from Daniella Paris. We saw God move through the whole expressions gang in amazing ways not just during the presentation, but all through the week, and we thanked him for his ongoing love with an explosive time of worship to finish up the evening. There was Music, there was dancing, there was freedom and there was joy! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what expression is all about…

Georgie….i.e. Farmer Javins


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