Expressions 2010, The Greatest Story Ever Told.

An exceptional week!  ( The second summer expressions week of workshops!)

26th-30th July 2010

Jesus used stories and parables to teach us. To teach us about our heavenly father, the world he created and how we enter the eternal kingdom filled with his presence of love.

During this week, we used some of these stories to create artistic interpretations. We used music, art, drama and dance to recreate part of the greatest story ever told.

Music day was led by Lauren April and Simon Legg and partnered with a dramatic visual for David dancing from the book of Samuel, and the women with Alabaster oil from the book of Luke!

Drama was led by Dean and Ruth Such, our very own Bolivian actors!

The day was filled with many exercises to develop our acting and mime skills preparing for the parable of their choice. The prodigal son.
The sketch was provided with the bare bones and they both encouraged us to be as creative with it as possible! Using our EXPRESSIVE side!
The group contributed ideas together, which brought them a lot closer and laughter to anyone watching what they produced!

Wednesday was the ART DAY!

Grandma Gwyneth, my own artistic grandmother…Bethany Spalding, an arts major student from Chichester University along with Ruth Bass and Kerry-anne Cooper all lead the different artistic interpretations of The Lost sheep and The parable of the seed.

Some beautiful interpretations of what can choke faith including your friends and the temptations we have through daily life were painted on canvas.

Ceramic figurines were painted, temples were formed, sheep were created from clay….stories came to life.

The final workshop day was DANCE!

Myself, Ruth Barclay, Charlie Ranken and Becca Deane all came to challenge the kids with…. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!

After a vigorous warm-up… The kids split into two groups to tackle the story of Jonah and the whale and the Parable of The good Samaritan.

Both pieces were completely different. Jonah’s group cleverly used the lyrics and actions to correspond creating a story whilst the Good Samaritan used lifts and contact work to create a group fight and moving on the story using physical theatre.

Everyone was ready, tired from a long week but ready to show the story to many others!

The last day was full of rehearsals, last-minute changes and preparation for the show.

Ruth and Amelia Doona spent the whole day placing a path around the performing space for the story to take place…

7pm came and our audience started to arrive…

Check out our other posts for a review of the show! 🙂



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